The Misc page is for downloads, hints and tips to do with searching, OpenSearch and anything else.

Change the default 'Get more search engines...' in Firefox2+:
Type 'about:config' in the address bar and press enter
Type 'browser.search.searchEnginesURL' in the Filter bar
Right click preference name and choose 'Modify'
Copy and past the following URL:
into the dialogue box
Click 'OK' and continue browsing
Now, when you go to the 'Manage Search Engines' dialogue and click on 'Get more search engines...', it will bring you straight to searchplugins.net

Add 'Find Search Providers' to Help menu in IE7+:
Download SearchPlugins_mnu.exe (or from IECustomiser.com)
Run the file once downloaded.
Start IE7+. Under the 'Help' menu you should now have a 'Find Search Providers' entry which will bring you straight to the searchplugins.net plugin list.
This file has been provided by IECustomizer.com

IE7Pro addon:
Add mouse gestures, ad filtering, address bar searching, super drag&ddrop;, and more with this handy IE7 extension.
Download IE7Pro

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